About the Wallet work

About the Sky Wallet work

Sky Wallet - this is not just a wallet, but an automated infrastructure integrated into dozens of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, ensuring the processing of thousands of transactions per second.

How it works?

Your personal profile and the balance of your wallet are directly linked to the trading robot; if you have a positive balance on your wallet, the robot begins directly the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, selecting the best offers on dozens of crypto exchanges, conducting more than 1000 transactions every second, and thereby generating income credited to your account.

How to deposit and withdraw?

Regardless of whether the trading robot is working or not, you can withdraw and replenish your account at any time from $1 to $100 000 in one transaction.

Ease of use

Our company values ​​every client - therefore, we have designed and structured the bot in such a way that mastering the principle of interaction with it is accessible even to that category of people who are starting to work with cryptocurrency for the first time in their lives.

Keep up with the times

Sky - a modern solution that combines a number of functionalities that make it easier to obtain every second profit in the process of making thousands of simultaneous transactions for the purchase/sale of cryptocurrencies with a visual display of the balance of your wallet, in a fiat format familiar to any person.

Development success!

Advertising in its usual sense has exhausted its potential, but as they say, water does not disappear, it flows into another direction. Taking into account the above, we have worked out the principle of development Sky moving away from high-cost advertising campaigns to improving the quality of services provided, which allows you to get more new clients through recommendations from current Sky Wallet users, This approach made it possible to generate substantial affiliate deductions (thanks to the freed up funds from advertising companies) and, in general, to achieve results with a total indicator three times higher in relation to classic advertising.

Investment bonus

Company Sky provides generous rewards for recommendations and the opportunity to build your own affiliate network: $12 for the registration of each person using your referral link with the transfer of funds to an investment bonus from which profits are transferred to your wallet every second, as well as deductions from a three-level affiliate program 7% \ 3% \ 1% from each balance replenishment Sky Your referral.

Benefits of working with Sky

Join Sky Wallet Now and we will charge $30 to your Investment account.

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